Three weeks in the life of Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

I was off on vacation with family for three weeks in August and came back to work to an impressive list of GCP (Google Cloud Platform) news and I thought I’d compile them here:

Product Launches & Announcements

Lots of GA announcements (Generally Available, fully-supported):

  • Cloud Shell is now GA, and still free. \o/

  • Cloud Datastore v1 API now GA. Full independence from App Engine if you want it! This release includes console enhancement, best practices, storage size calculation, clearer limits, and multi-tenancy guidance via namespaces. Also, it is now serving 15 trillion queries per month. Snapchat, Workiva and Khan Academy are among customers that can be named at this point.

  • Google Cloud Bigtable is now GA. This is the fully-managed database service built on Google’s internal Bigtable service with Apache HBase client compatibility. It powers Google Search, Analytics, Maps, Gmail and more. Dataflow, Dataproc, Pub/Sub and BigQuery are all well integrated with Bigtable and Spotify, FIS and Energyworx are all using it already.

  • Cloud SQL Second Generation is now GA. It offers MySQL 5.7, point-in-time-recovery (PITR), automatic storage re-sizing and failover replicas setup with a single click. It’s 7x faster and has 20x more storage capacity than its predecessor. See also the post for competitive benchmarks. Here are short videos on how to use Cloud SQL with App Engine and with Compute engine.

  • Customer-Supplied Encryption Keys for Compute Engine goes GA. Get both control over data AND agility of the cloud. Now available in 14 countries.

The Cloud team is also exploring some (relatively) new and important territory :

Some important product enhancements…

… in Compute Engine :

…in Dataflow :

…in BigQuery:

…in other GCP products:


GCP Podcast

No vacation either for the GCP Podcast with two episodes on Kubernetes 1.3:

The two most recent episodes were on SRE‘s (a fascinating conversation about how Google does operations) as well as an interview on the latest on PHP on GCP.

Other Interesting GCP News and tidbits

… in Machine Learning:

… in big data:

… and on other general topics:


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