Taking Mission Control 4.1 for a quick spin

As Henrik, Marcus, and Markus posted yesterday, JRockit Mission Control 4.1 (download) is out and it has two interesting features I wanted to try out: early support for HotSpot and a Mac OS version.

The best (the only?) way to test both of these features without installing the JRockit JVM itself is to install Mission Control as an Eclipse (3.7) plugin using its update center.

Once you switch to the Mission Control perspective, locally running JVMs (Apple’s latest 1.6 JVM, the JDK 7 Developer Preview or OpenJDK) are all detected with “General”, “MBeans” and “Runtime” sections very much functional. It’s still early days with the Flight Recorder and Memory Leak Detector features not yet available.

Looking at a JVM running GlassFish 3.1.1, the application server AMX’s are available once you initiate a bootAMX operation.

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  1. Note that the client is still fully functional when connecting to a JRockit. So you can run the client on Mac OS X, and have the server running any of JRockit’s supported platforms. It is correct that we do not distribute the RCP version of Mission Control for Mac OS X yet (we do build it). We decided against doing this, since there is no JRockit on Mac OS X. We do build it internally though.
    Next major version of Mission Control will be HotSpot (HotRockit) only.

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