Google @ Devoxx 2012 (a preview)

Google has been present for several years at Devoxx and an official partner since last year. This time, not only are we again a premium sponsor for the conference, we are bringing some of the best content and speakers to Antwerp. Before we go any further, make sure you check out the Devoxx 2012 G+ Events (for photo sharing and overall online interaction during the conference).

Of course, you’ll hear about Android, HTML5/Chrome and Cloud/AppEngine, but let me start with the less obvious Google content at Devoxx :

  • Damon, the lead for ROSjava, will talk about “Cloud Robotics” (a good reason to stay until Friday), he has some amazing demos
  • Tom will present j2objc, the recently announced Java to iOS Objective-C translation tool and runtime (also on Friday)
  • Nicolas will be busy presenting on OAuth 2 (a very widely-used technology for Google) together with Tim Bray (the Google keynote speaker) as well as on the Google Drive SDK. Both talks are on Thursday.
  • Probably the most hard-core Java talk by Google this year will be given by Jérôme and Nicholas on “Effective Dependency Injection“, a session based on experience refactoring massive projects such as GMail (and GlassFish). Also on Thursday.
  • Ian should give a fun talk (a Wednesday BOF) on how to build a Google+ client in Clojure.

As you know Android 4.2 is around the corner, so you should expect a thing or two about this new version and likely even Nexus devices to check out at the Google booth. Scheduled Android content include (mostly duets as you can see) :

  • Starting on Monday, Nick and Rich will offer a 3-hour-long Android Hands-on lab.
  • On Tuesday, Romain and Chet will cover “Important Android Stuff” in a 3-hour University session. Expect important Android stuff.
  • Another duet, Xav and Tor the tools guys, will offer an “Android Tools in Action” and a session on “What’s new in Android Developers’ Tools“.
  • On Wednesday, Nick and Rich are back for a live Google Developer Live EMEA Office Hours session from the interview lounge.
  • Romain and Chet have two regular 1-hour conference sessions on “What’s new with Android” and a more advanced graphics session titled “For butter or worse“.
  • Xav will also cover the new Android build system in a BOF on Tuesday.
  • There are many more Android talks from the community!

On the Web / HTML 5 / Chrome front, there’s also plenty of exciting sessions :

  • Ilya is holding a 3-hour “Faster Websites: Crash Course on Frontend Performance” University talk on Tuesday and a Chrome DevTools talk on Wednesday.
  • Seth will provide an update on the Dart side (Milestone 1 and beyond) in his “Putting the App back into Web Apps” session on Wednesday
  • Mike will offer a “Building safe web applications with HTML5” session, surely followed by many (security matters and sells)
  • Paul will take a slightly different take on Chrome and HTML 5 with the newly announced Chrome Packaged Apps in a Wednesday evening BOF.
  • Sam will cover exciting and bleeding-edge “disruptive media” technologies in HTML 5 such as WebRTC/getUserMedia() as well as “Fast UIs for the mobile web”, with both sessions are scheduled on Thursday.
  • Last but not least, the AngularJS team (Igor, Vojta and Misko) are offering no less than a “Building awesome client-side web apps with AngularJS” Hands-on Lab on Tuesday, a “Re-imagining the browser with AngularJS” session on Thursday and a Testacular session on Tuesday.

I’ll have the privilege to help Ludo cover the Cloud content in the “What’s new with Google App Engine and Compute Engine” Thursday session. As the name implies, it’ll provide an update on AppEngine (lots of stuff happen in a year with the monthly releases) but also cover the newly introduced IaaS offering Compute Engine, and how the two play well together.

I also spotted a peculiar “The Future of Software Development Process Methodology Effectiveness” by Chet Haas’ homonym. Certainly a session that will get every agile practitioner happy that the conference is, after all, not agile-free!

Tim will be delivering the Google keynote on Thursday morning – “Life online”. That’s one keynote you don’t want to miss (demos included).

As part of the yearly innovation the Devoxx organizers have decided to bet on NFC Wristbands instead of the traditional conference badges. Google gladly provided a few Nexus devices. In addition to the Android applications for the conference (providing schedule and more) there’s one to interact with the Devoxx NFC Wristband. Check them out!

With all those great speakers around, you should also expect a series of interviews to be posted on the Google Developer YouTube Channel.

Finally, make sure you stop by the Google booth throughout the conference to meet the Googlers present ar Devoxx. The exhibition floor is open from Tuesday to Thursday. See you there!

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