Microservices still on the horizon

I don’t think everyone can (or should) jump on the microservices bandwagon just yet. If you can’t build a monolithic app, chances are you’ll face technical and organizational challenges trying to go full on with microservices.

if microservices is the goal then continuous integration and container orchestration are pretty much two required milestones on the journey towards achieving it.

Even if Continuous Integration isn’t yet implemented everywhere, especially in larger organizations, it’s now a pretty mature topic and most agile teams have now moved on to the even more rewarding continuousdeployment practice.

Container orchestration, on the other hand, is still too hard and definitely not yet a mature space. Just a year ago it took Mesos experts (or worse, roll-out-your-own-solution architects) to run a microservices architecture.

Only now with Kubernetes and other emerging solutions are we getting closer to a place where microservices can be conceived without the fear of having to implement the underlying resilient architecture to support them.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

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