New Horizon

I have resigned from Oracle and thus will soon leave the GlassFish group.

I feel very proud looking back at what we’ve achieved as a team with GlassFish in the past few years, including those past two years at Oracle. If you know anything about the history of application servers at Sun, you’ll recognize that building such a community around GlassFish and its amazing number of downloads is nothing short of a small miracle. The Java EE platform has also seen a strong resurgence, bringing it back to the forefront of effective enterprise Java development in many ways.

Having been hired by Sun some 13 years ago to sell NetDynamics I certainly feel that I leave the company’s application server in *much* better shape. Oracle has ambitious plans for GlassFish and has been in my opinion a good steward for this community. I see no reason for this to change and I do expect the community to keep on pushing Oracle to get even better with time.

This ride has been intense and the people I’ve met and worked with, both inside and outside Sun/Oracle, have made the experience the best one of my career.

My journey now continues here: See you there!