NetBeans 6.9 is here

NetBeans 6.9 final is now out!

This is the first release under the new Oracle era.

It has a good number of new features for an n+1 dot release. OSGi support and enhanced Java EE 6 (including web services) are the ones that make most sense from where I stand.

For a quick 5-minute overview, check out this nice screencast.

If you’re interested in the CDI-related updates, check out the screencasts previously listed on this Aquarium post.

Browsing through the NetBeans website I’m reminded how much I envy their graphics guys ;)

NetBeans certainly has that right

Things can go wrong. It’s good to know you can share your issue/pain :

But it’s even better to know the fix is in already:

From both a marketing and technical standpoint I find this impressive. Similar to the thank you email I received when NetBeans 6.0 shipped with all the bugs I had reported that had been fixed in this release.

Is Safari on Windows good for you?

So you start up thinking you’ll be able to finer tune your web application on a shiny new browser and it seems you really end up debugging Apple’s product instead. Once every so often, Apple releases very buggy software (granted this one is tagged as beta but with iTunes available on Windows for a while you would think they’d get the rendering right).

I like competition, but I don’t see how Safari is helping and what it is bringing to Windows other than a content delivery platform for Apple to complement iTunes. I like and use iTunes on Windows but will not install Safari for the time being.

Who said "for the first time I feel like NetBeans is ready for prime time"?

You trust some people more than others because they’ve been a reference for many years. I’ve read some of Elliotte Rusty Harold‘s books (XML in a nutshell, …), I really like the ideas in XOM (it takes courage to start something like this), I like his contrarian postures (Java interfaces are evil!), and Cafe au Lait Java News and Resources was really my way of reading the technical news before I took the RSS Reader plunge a few years back.

Well, after trying a couple of times in the past, Elliotte has some nice things to say about NetBeans 5.5, its stability, its look-and-feel (all is not good or else it wouldn’t be Elharo). Congratulations to the NetBeans team!