Java, GNU/Linux et Tom

Il est désormais trivial d’installer et d’utiliser Java sur GNU/Linux et sur OpenSolaris.

Etant donné les nombreuses discussions internes chez Sun depuis plusieurs années et surtout avec nos clients, je pense que cette annonce est plus importante que l’annonce faite que Java sera en Open Source tôt ou tard.

Le travail réalisé est important et je suis particulièrement content de la forte implication de Tom Marble, mon collègue francophone de Minneapolis. Malgré sa taille, Sun Microsystems est une société ou les initiatives personnelles sont bienvenues et même encouragées. Bravo à Tom pour son travail sur ces derniers mois! Pour les questions sur le sujet, ça ce passe ici (Tom est francophone, n’hésitez pas à poser vos questions en français).

Pour le reste de la JavaOne, j’ai le cerveau en overflow et un besoin certain de sommeil et de synthèse. Maj dans les jours à venir.


JavaOne keynote participants

Craig, Romain, Ludo, Tor, Charles and others are all gone to sleep early to be ready for their participation in tomorrow’s keynote session with Jonathan Schwartz and Jeff Jackson. It’s pretty important for Sun to get this keynote right and knowing all the hard work that’s gone into the technologies and demos, I wish them the best of luck. Expect some really cool demos, open source announcements, some humor and great technical stuff you can use rigth away.

I hear some guest speakers will be there too. Let’s see how they behave ;-)

Jackpot for everyone

Jackpot is available in NetBeans 5.5 beta. No more need to use the bleeding-edge NetBeans 6 daily builds. Simply use the update center. I understand it is also available for NetBeans 5.

Now you can use this to develop your own set of refactorings.

For background on Jackpot, see Tor’s “Refactoring Reloaded” post.

Sun, sunburns, and Java

Ok, it’s kinda silly to fly 10,000 km to spend the week in the huge javaone basement. So we decided to do the tourist this Sunday riding a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge, down to Saulsalito and back by ferry.

The day was sunny and warm to say the least –

Now with my set of sunburns I’m ready to get my Java shoot all week long starting with tomorrow’s NetBeans day. Get the NetBeans magazine!

SwingLabs beta coming is a great project and has already produced results that will be available in Mustang (Java 6). But as an Open Source project it has a lot more to offer so I’m very happy that, listening to the podcast interviewing Josh Marinacci, I found out that it will soon hit beta so people can start relying on the APIs. This, from what I’ve seen, has been a very common request.

Now all you have to do guys, is update the “pick of the month” on the web site ;-)