Developing Web Applications with Java EE 6 Webinar – Replay and Q&A transcript

The third webinar of the GlassFish Webinar Series aired Thursday last week and we had a good turnout with only limited technical problems (!).

I was presenting on “Building a Web Application with Java EE 6” and the replay is now available from the GlassFish YouTube Channel with the Q&A transcript now posted as well.

The webinar covered some basics for JSF 2.0, JAX-RS 1.1, and CDI 1.0. It is really close to the Java EE 6 Hands-On Lab delivered at JavaOne SF, Sao Paulo, Beijing and other places. The source code is on with a detailed guide.

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Google Developer Relations in Paris.

6 thoughts on “Developing Web Applications with Java EE 6 Webinar – Replay and Q&A transcript”

  1. in French : au niveau packaging, est-on obligé de faire un war pour exposer un WebService JAX-RS RESTful à partir d’un EJB ou peut-on le faire dans en packageant l’EJB en jar?
    in English : does a RESTful JAX-RS EJB based Webservice have to be packaged in a war or can it be in a ejb jar?

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