2010 top blog entries and other stats

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Wishing you a successful 2011 and sharing the obligatory stats for 2010 :

The #1 entry on this blog for 2010 is “GlassFish 3.0.1 is out – Delivering on the community roadmap promise” (June 2010, accounting for more than 7% of the traffic). Other top entries include :
“Using the EJBContainer API with or without Maven (but with GlassFish v3)” (Oct. 2009)
“javaOne 2010 : Java EE 6 Panel “What do we do now?” notes” (Sept. 2010)
“GlassFish without the IDE (quick survival guide)” (March. 2010)

Overal traffic was 46.29% from Google search engines, 29.65% from referring sites, and 11.30% was direct traffic.

More than 20% of visitors come from the US, and almost as much from France. Germany, UK, and India are around 5% each. Suriname, Gibraltar, Tuvalu, Timor-Leste, and Malawi each accounting for a grand total of 1 hit.

Compared to 2009:
• +32% Visits, -9% New Visitors (not sure how to interpret both).
• -12% for Firefox (still #1 at 54%), +180% for Chrome (#2 at 19%), IE still #3 but dropping by 25%
• 87.26% have Java enabled
• 70% still use Windows (Linux is 16% and Mac is 12%)

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