Java2Days 2010 : server-side heavy, with still all the fun

I’m back from Sofia and another java2days conference. As it was the case last year, the agenda was pretty heavy on server-side content with Java EE, Spring, CDI, and cloud-related talks. This year the conference also had two additional tracks to cover mobile and cloud (not sure how those went, I was busy preparing slides and attending sessions in the bigger room). I was presenting on Java EE 6 adoption and OSGi for GlassFish and Java EE developers. Both sessions had great attendance and a good set of questions (after the talk since 45 minute-sessions made it really hard for me to leave time for Q&A). The SAP folks in particular (large team based on Sofia) had a number of questions around OBR, P2, Felix vs. Equinox, etc…

I enjoyed meeting Reza Rahman again who seems to be working hard on passing the Java EE 6 Web Profile TCK for Resin. Reza presented on CDI, testing Java EE (which I had very much enjoyed at JavaOne) and an informative talk on how the JCP works. Arun has more details on the speaker’s diner which, as always, was one of the highlights of the conference.

While I didn’t attend the other tracks, I had interesting discussions with James Ward (Adobe), Andreas Jakl (Nokia), George Reese, Josh Long (now at VMWare/SpringSource), Vladimir Pavlov (SAP), Katya Todorova (SAP), Werner Keil (JCP EC member) and was happy to meet again with Andrew Lombardi, Talip Ozturk, Vassil Popovski, … I even did a podcast with Damon Edwards & John Willis some 24 hours after hearing the term “devops” for the first time (yes, I’ve been living in a cave).

With 500 attendees, I think this was yet another great conference. Let’s have some more Java SE content next time (there will be plenty to talk about in 12 months)!

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