New GlassFish Podcast Episodes (Masoud, Adam Bien)

It’s that interview season again on the GlassFish Podcast!

Episode #67 is an interview with Masoud Kalali who I had the chance to meet for the first time at JavaZone in Oslo. I’m glad we finally met and I hope to have Masoud again on the podcast sometime soon to discuss more topics.

Episode #68 features Java EE rock star Adam Bien (Java Champion, consultant, author, blogger and much more) who I caught right after JavaOne 2010. In fact the discussion turned out to be very interesting but a bit long for a single episode (per my very own standards) so part 2 will show up in a few days. Lots of ground covered: Java EE of course but from the perspective of someone spending 80% of the time with large customers.

More episodes are planned for the weeks to come, so if you’re interested, subscribe (Feed, iTunes)!

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Google Developer Relations in Paris.

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  1. Glad to see that GlassFish Podcast is still alive and that the Sun-era podcasts have survived the media hosting changes! So in light of its continuing relevance, I’m restating a previous comment: The template for the GlassFish Podcast blog web pages does not have "previous"/"next" navigation links (neither on the main page nor on individual entry pages). It makes it cumbersome to view older entries because you have to construct the URL manually (by appending "?page=1") and you have to know how to do that in the first place. Just a heads-up.

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