JavaOne 2010, 36 hours into it

This JavaOne started off with the GlassFish community event on Sunday (read more on TheAquarium). By all metrics I think this was a very successful event and certainly on the “I finally got to meet XYZ in person” metric (my favorite) it was the best one so far for me. The party after Larry’s keynote (a little long and not what I had expected) was great too and it felt good to be back in a familiar place.

JavaOne is held in three hotels this year with a large tent in the street. I’m probably resistant to chance like many and do certainly regret the Moscone center (totally packed with the parallel Oracle Open World conference) even with some of the keynotes and tonight’s BOFs held there. One of the nice things with the hotels is that Wifi is actually working quite well. For the rest, the place seems rather crowded but it’s impossible to compare with previous years.

Thomas Kurian’s JavaOne keynote was what everyone was waiting for I believe. While some people might have been disappointed that the JCP wasn’t mentioned explicitly (it’s not an Oracle product) Java SE, Java EE, NetBeans and mobile got their share of love and roadmap announcements. In fact GlassFish got more mentions (including for its HK2 kernel making it’s way into WebLogic) than in any previous JavaOne keynote. Adam Bien has a quick blog entry on similar topics. Java SE will likely implement plan B. More details tomorrow at the technical keynote. JavaFX is evolving quite significantly to integrate HTML 5 (deploy with no JVM requirements) and Java APIs for everything else (essentially deprecating JavaFX Script).

Now looking forward to my other sessions (Java EE panel on Wednesday and hands-on lab on Thursday). Okay, and looking forward to more parties too.

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