Another JavaOne around the corner

It’s that time of the year again when the JavaOne excitement builds up with sleepless nights getting ready for the sessions, demos, etc… I am yet again looking forward to another very fine JavaOne conference.

To be fair I wasn’t all that excited say a couple of months ago because of the changes made to the conference (different venue with Develop and Oracle Open World happening at the same time) and the anticipated lack of announcements but I can now say that the team has done a lot of work to make the venue a comfortable place (with the Zone, a huge tent on Mason street) and that content-wise, I expect a good number of things to cause long, possibly heated, discussions. This will only demonstrate how vibrant the Java community remains.

Of course there’s the future of Java SE with Mark Reinhold’s recent blog entry on proposed options for Java 7 and Java 8 (now with 171 comments!), the future of OpenJDK and where the Oracle JVM is headed but there’s also a lot more announcements I expect to come out. I’ve been to most JavaOne’s since 2000 (and blogged since 2004) and this once seems like one of the busiest for me.

Of course I’ll be at the GlassFish Community Event and Party (Moscone and Thirsty Bear) and will attend Larry Ellison’s keynote\* in between (I’ve been told that this first keynote is when he’s the most entertaining).

I’ll have a first run of the “Beginning Java EE 6” Hands-On Lab, will certainly not miss the JavaOne keynote\* at 5:45 and probably crash the OTN party in “The Zone”.

With the jetlag still in effect I hope to be there on time for Thomas Kurian’s OpenWorld keynote @ 8am. The JavaOne Technical keynote\* is planned for 2:30pm that day with Roberto Chinnici (Java EE spec lead), Mark Reinhold, and other Java architects. As it stands, the evening will be packed with receptions and parties.

I’ll be running the Java EE 6 “What do we do now?” panel at 10am with a great set of participants. Larry will be up again speaking at 3:15pm. I’m hoping this is the day I get to attend most sessions (still need to inject those into my agenda).

The “Java Frontier” keynote* kick off at 9am with Ray Kurzweil and others. I then have another round of the Java EE 6 Hands-On Lab before I run to catch my plane home.

*: Streaming of all keynotes and general sessions will be available from this page (should also be linked from this page).

There will be lots of Java EE and GlassFish-related content. Check out this post on TheAquarium for the details. Full list of sessions is here. If you’re going to the conference or simply want to interact with people going there, try this tool. See you there virtually or in person.

Ok, now back to prep work.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.