Back from FISL

So I’m back from FISL and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed.

For people that have attended both FISL and OSCON these two conferences seem to have a lot in common. FISL had somewhere between 4000 and 5000 attendees interested in many different OSS topics which means it’s quite different from your typical Java conference (lots of python, multimedia, security, linux desktops, etc.).

Coming in I spotted a competition to win an iPad and thought to myself “good, I might get away with using a Mac on stage” but this has to be one of the conferences with the least number of Apple machines, netbooks being *very* popular.

I had two talks, one called “GlassFish OSGi – from modular runtime to hybrid applications” and another titled “The future of the GlassFish community” (check the links for the slide decks). The format for the conference is a hard-stop after 40-minutes to leave time for 10-minutes of Q&A which made it a bit challenging to deliver all the content I had prepared but I certainly got a number of good questions (Brazilians are not shy ;).

It was great to meet again with Fabiane and Bruno and chat about the Sun past and the Oracle future. They are doing a lot for the Java community in Brazil (check out “Javali” coming out soon) as well as their new baby, So other than the nice people, the tasty meat, learning about chimarrãos, I also found out that a Frenchmen’s Belgian (or Swiss) jokes are a Brazilian’s jokes on Portuguese.


Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.