Going to FISL

I’m excited to be soon on board a flight to Brazil, to attend FISL. This is my first time in the country and I wish I could spend some time in Rio but this time it will only be a few hours waiting for the connecting flight to Porto Alegre (btw, funny how most people here in France think of anti-globalization protests when you mention Porto Alegre). Sadly, I already have one regret – not meeting Felipe in his country.

I’ve heard many things about Brazil and FISL and particular. The conference sounds pretty large and the vast majority of talks are *not* in English, which is a good thing ™. I’ll be speaking on the following two topics :

• “GlassFish OSGi – from modular runtime to hybrid applications.” (Wednesday)
• “GlassFish, the future of the community.” (Friday)

The full agenda is here (assuming the server responds). Expect a trip report with photos and slides by the end of the week (assuming I have the energy, of course).

Author: alexismp

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2 thoughts on “Going to FISL”

  1. You will really enjoy it! Porto Alegre is a very nice city. Say "hello" to our Brazilian friends for me. :-) Wish I could have joined the fun. :-|
    PS: Just a suggestion …. skip Rio and go to Salvador, Natal and/or Recife instead. Or, better still go to Florianopolis.

  2. Hey Charlie, we were just talking about you at diner! Bruno could spend the night telling us about your NetBean training across S. America with TimB. Good times! Oh, and thanks for the suggestion (I got a good view and pictures of Rio from the plane, I guess I good to go ;)

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