NetBeans 6.9 is here

NetBeans 6.9 final is now out!

This is the first release under the new Oracle era.

It has a good number of new features for an n+1 dot release. OSGi support and enhanced Java EE 6 (including web services) are the ones that make most sense from where I stand.

For a quick 5-minute overview, check out this nice screencast.

If you’re interested in the CDI-related updates, check out the screencasts previously listed on this Aquarium post.

Browsing through the NetBeans website I’m reminded how much I envy their graphics guys ;)

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

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  1. Ok, the title seems to have what I expected, but the first paragraph seems to (unless it’s a typo) indicate that 6.9.1 is out as well? hmmm…. I don’t see it anywhere for download. I presume it’s a typo then.

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