Remember June 2005? GlassFish turns 5!

When it comes to application servers, 5 years is both a loooong time and probably also still the beginning of the story.

In June 2005, I wasn’t yet part of the GlassFish team but I knew a number of people in the group and had been using Sun’s application servers for the longest time. I had become excited again about Sun’s plans when the decision to make the RI production quality was taken (Sun App Server 7 days).

Interestingly enough, the first one ever to blog about GlassFish was JBoss’ Marc Fleury with a somewhat ironic “… who cares” post (two years later, he had some very nice things to say about the progress GlassFish had made). Only a few days after Marc’s initial blog did the first posts from Sun come out: Jim’s (could be considered as the announcement I guess), Carla’s, John’s, Rich’s, Eduardo’s, mine and others…

What makes me so confident about GlassFish is that it’s all about the people that participate in the making of this community that is growing by the day. On a personal note, I traveled the world (Australia, China, Europe (too many to list), Bay Area, …), did a first GlassFish screencast, started the GlassFish Podcast and always enjoyed the fun and excitement during releases of new version (and looking forward to the upcoming ones!).

Ever since I joined the group, I was told that v3 would be a game changer. So now we’re finally there (and that we’ve got Java EE 6 out as well), I’m eager to find what the future holds. Onward!

Other anniversary blogs entries (James, Eduardo, …) are listed on The Aquarium.

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  1. Congrats Alexis, it’s quite the achievement. One would hardly have thought there was room in the market for another App server, but you guys did it!

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