A small list of reactions to James’ departure

• The inevitable (but profoundly silly) “Java is dead” (talios)

• The pragmatic (!) “it’ll leave room for us youngsters” (in French)

• Somewhat cynic “Oracle is helping LOTS of companies with ex-Sun’s :-)” (oemilio)

“Gosling leaving: big symbolic impact; no practical impact. As “father of Java”, he was an absent father. (Nothing wrong with that)” (Osvaldo)

• Quite fair article (eWeek)

Hani‘s “What’s the big deal about Gosling leaving Oracle? He didn’t actually do anything at Sun beyond be a mascot I thought?”

“Many people stress that James Gosling was the father of Java, when obviously his greatest contribution was Gosling Emacs :D” (Berto)

“Gosling GCd?” (Tom Stenstrom)

And to the non-Java developers searching for Gosling – “Who the hell is Ryan Gosling?” ;)

Roller (the engine powering blogs.sun.com and now James’ new blog) seems to have held up pretty well to the news and the /.’ing until Monday! Overall most people thank James for what he’s done and what he’s been throughout those 15 years. This is probably the best thing to do because as frankly I think even James doesn’t know what comes next (I certainly haven’t read anything plausible).

James now has an updated post on what comes next (nothing concrete at this point).

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3 thoughts on “A small list of reactions to James’ departure”

  1. Come on, dont be so Java centric. James’s contribution date back to well before Java.
    Were you around during the NeWS brouhaha? James is an extremely capable programmer and engineer; one of the -if not THE- best at Sun. I have managed other engineers whose ability made managing them a joy and a unique experience, so I can relate first-hand as an engineer and a manager to the effect that someone like James can have, on the organization.

  2. It’ sad to see people like Gosling leaving his own creation, what is even more sad is seeing Sun disappearing. I thought Sun would keep living as a subsidiary of Oracle, but it’s becoming evident that it’s just being dismembered bit by bit, the profitable parts are absorbed by oracle and the rest is just disposed.
    Sun’s logo it’s disappearing from all the projects one by one, just last week it was gone from NetBeans developer build.
    It feels quite weird to see Sun’s logo replaced by Oracle’s. No offense, but it’s something akin as BMW buying Rolls Royce and then replacing the angel on the hood with their own logo.

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