GlassFish , Kenai, and HotSpot under the Oracle Sun

It’s been just over a week since Oracle held its post-acquisition stategy webcast and we’ve already seen some fast reactions and comments from Oracle on several topics :

• Projects hosted on Kenai will preserve their infrastructure and be moved to (the best of both worlds if you ask me). See Ted Farrell’s post for the details.

GlassFish has seen an interesting set of reactions most of which worried about the wording used during the launch event. Mike Lehmann, WebLogic PM discusses here and there the situation and the likelihood of GlassFish v3 getting HA/Clustering capabilities in the near future. That’s Mike’s 1st post on TSS btw! I think that means he cares about GlassFish ;)

• On the JVM side, people have been asking question about HotSpot vs. JRockit and Henrik Ståhl, JRockit PM offered a first insight into what it would mean to have a combined product in the long run (also covers OpenJDK).

Overall, it’s great to see Oracle reacting quickly to the community’s concerns and I think one should judge the work of the combined teams (Sun and Oracle could not talk about future plans before January 27th) on the roadmaps and the execution. Remember, the proof of the pudding is in the roadmap!

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