The code for all 15 demos Antonio and myself have been using in our 3-hour long sessions at Devoxx, and today at the jFokus conference is now online at This set of small demos build on top of one another and illustrate a large number of the new Java EE 6 features.

The code is in the "tutorial" part (the rest is related to the Java EE 6 book).
Check out the 2009Devoxx and 2010jfokus tags for stable versions.

The setup has a "To Be Completed" directory with each project hosting a detailed README.txt file to carry out the demo to reach the "Completed" stage. All projects are Maven 2.0-based and have been tested inside NetBeans and IntelliJ. It should work just as well in Eclipse and of course you can mvn clean install from the command-line. GlassFish v3 is used throughout the demos.

Being hosted on Kenai gives us SVN (other options are available), a wiki, forums, an issue tracker, and mailing lists. And those using NetBeans even have a nice integration of all these features.
So join the project, ask questions and contribute!

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

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