Almost a Chrome convert

It’s been a while since I used Firefox and I’m really not impressed with the 3.6 release. It’s interesting to see how adoption by the masses often happens when technical excellence is long gone.

I’ve been a Safari user for the most part and managed to live very well without any plugin (which was the real test for me). Safari is just faster and so much lighter-weight than FireFox. But Chrome has been my default browser for the past couple of weeks and so far I really like it. It’s as fast if not faster than Safari, the integration with Mac OS is certainly as good, and I have yet to experience a crash. I am missing a few features though :

• how can I easily create a link on my desktop for the current URL? On Safari I was simply drag-n-dropping the bubble icon from the location bar.

• how do I see/use syndication for the current feed. Again, very easy in Safari. No obvious equivalent in Chrome.

• how do I configure the thumbnails on the “New Tab” view?


Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

2 thoughts on “Almost a Chrome convert”

  1. The first feature you ask for is available but is strangely named Create shorcuts to applications (but there is no DnD support). The 2 other ones will require Chrome extensions to do it as you expect.

  2. Thanks. My "Create App Shortcut" menu item is grayed out. Is this not supported on the Mac? As for the other two, I’m not sure I want to start using plugins for basic stuff like this (anyway they’re not supported on the mac for the time being…)

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