Roadshows across Europe: GlassFish, Java EE 6 and other Java topics

February 2010 will be the Java & Friends roadshow month in Europe :

Paris – “Java EE and GlassFish v3” on Feb. 2nd, “Java Roadshow” on Feb. 9th.
London – “Java EE and GlassFish v3” on Feb. 3rd, “Java Roadshow” on Feb. 4th.
Germany – “JavaEE and GlassFish v3” on Feb. 4th (Berlin), “Java Roadshow” on Feb. 2nd (Munich).
Stockholm – “Java Roadshow” on Feb. 10th.
Rome – “Java Roadshow” on Feb. 12th.
Brussels – “Java Roadshow” on Feb. 5th.
Amersfoort – “Java Roadshow” on Feb. 3rd.
Madrid – “Java Roadshow” on Feb. 11th.

If you (quite understandably) cannot attend multiple sessions, consider that the “All things Java” session will have *many* different topics (see the agenda) – expect a bit more depth in the “Java EE and GlassFish v3” session. In any case, make sure you register: Java Roadshow | Java EE 6 and GlassFish v3 and check the detailed agenda (it varies a bit from city to city).

Additionally there will be “MySQL and Java” sessions which should be announced soon.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.