My MacOS applications dream team

With business slowing down I thought I’d finally spend the time to upgrade to Snow Leopard. Unfortunately my MPB drive crashed during the upgrade. I did have a TimeCapsule backup but some stupid reason I decided to exclude applications (mainly because I the user data for those apps). So here I am reinstalling what I thought would be a rather small number of applications. For the record, here’s the list (in no particular order) :

OpenOffice 3.2 RC1, waiting for the January release and still considering Keynote (loads of ODP content that I’d need to convert)
NetBeans 6.8, for the first (and limited) time I’ll have a single copy of the IDE.
GlassFish v3, what else?
Eclipse Tools bundle for GlassFish
JarInspector, small but very useful except it no longer runs on SnowLeopard since the Cocoa binding for Java were removed :(
Firefox 3.5.6, still not my primary browser but at least it prefers HTML over XML (I’ve actually been a happy Chrome user for the past few days…).
Audacity, ugly UI, great features
TextWrangler, trying this to replace un-maintained Smultron
• The very fine VirtualBox
SJphone, another ugly UI and complex config…. (x-lite 4.0 beta just hangs up all my calls after 30 seconds)
Flash 10
Vodafone Mobile Connect, MacOS is an after-thought for this 3G USB modem but getting better
iStat Menus
Tweetie, been happy with this Twitter client for a while now
NetNewswire, it’s been free for a while and the sync to Google Reader saved my day
iShowU, the video grabber that I use
Growl, not sure reinstalling this disturber was the smartest thing I did
DropBox, I really like this service and the app does what you expect
VLC, what else?
jCalSync, so others know what I’m up to (and I get to use the nifty Mail/iCal/Contacts integration)
Transmission, not doing much bittorrent lately but useful once in a while
Call Recorder for Skype, simple and effective (at least for voice)
• Almost forgot: The Gimp for Mac OS
Adium, although I’m now hitting this bug:(
update: I see I forgot to add jumpcut (find it very hard to live without clipboard buffering now)

That’s it so far (I’m sure I’ll remember about smaller ones). No more Cisco VPN (using the built-in feature), and having an iPhone helped me recover calendar and contacts data. Overall the day could have been worse.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

6 thoughts on “My MacOS applications dream team”

  1. why audacity when there is garageband on your mac ; ) ? And don’t forget:
    Wireshark for Networkscans
    Colloquy for IRC
    Timemachine for Backups
    TextWrangler for Text (Transformations)
    Firebug (Firefox-Plugin)
    WebDeveloper (Firefox-Plugin)

  2. @mcahornsirup : Well, I don’t know about GarageBand… I tried an it may be I’m reluctant to change but I get work done with Audacity faster.
    Clearly I’m now sold on TextWrangler.
    I’m not an IRC person. Never been one. Just too many channels open (and Twitter is not helping).
    Wireshark is nice indeed. I don’t need it all that often. Firebug on the other hand is a must have indeed. Installing now.
    TimeMachine saved my life several times already.
    @Morgan : I use spotlight for launching apps. I know QuickSilver does a lot more but I think I’m too lazy to start using a launcher that’s not part of the OS.

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