Screencast – Lombok meets NetBeans (and Java EE)

If you haven’t heard of Lombok, check out the short screencast on the project’s home page and decide for yourself if this is brilliant, an ugly workaround for the lack of properties in the language or just useful…

Lombok creator Reinier announced that Jan Lahoda had just done most of the work to integrate it with NetBeans. You’ll need NetBeans 6.8 RC1 and above and these Lombok bits.

I quickly put together the following 5-min screencast to show it in action in the context of a Java EE 6 web application. This use-case (I’m sure you can think of others in Java EE land) shows a JSF 2.0 page (using facelets) with code completion for properties that are Lombok-provided (there are no getters/setters in the managed bean). Unfortunately I forgot to bump up the font size so it might be a little hard to read. Hopefully the audio will help you follow the progress.

The 15MB offline version (m4v) is available here.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.