GlassFish v3 at JavaZone – slides, demos and screencasts

Here are the slides that I presented on GlassFish v3 at the JavaZone conference today. All five demos went fine (some with the help of the audience), and I even got questions at the end. I’m not sure what the plans are for making the conference talks available (delay, format), so here are the five demos (almost identical) in various screencasts :

Painless development with GlassFish (deploy on change, session preservation, etc…). Use it today on any GlassFish v3 install.

Painless Java EE 6 development (James Gosling himself, only using NetBeans, not Eclipse like I did). Starts at 12:21. Same as above – any v3 version.

• GlassFish à la Carte – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (the closest to what I showed) – Same as above, IPS has been there from day one (much improved in recent builds though).

Extending GlassFish v3, OSGi-style (by Jerome Dochez, the GlassFish architect), note that recent promoted builds of GlassFish v3 now ships with the Felix OSGi declarative service bundle by default, no need to install it manually.

• (I don’t know of a screencast showing the RESTful admin, but Rajeshwar blog would be a good start and Ludo’s JavaFX demo a fun illustration). Using recent promoted builds is recommended.

Update: the video is available (streaming + QT format). Demo timing are documented here.

Let’s enjoy the rest of the conference now…

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Google Developer Relations in Paris.

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  1. Sorry for my English speech. I’m a French guy !
    Very interesting (especially JavaFx and REST admin services) ! Glassfish is great it’s a well-known fact that its capabilities can address most of development projects (easy to difficult). Everyone should give it a try.

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