GlassFishZone in Oslo

I’m flying out to Oslo in a few hours to present at JavaZone on GlassFish v3. The slides and demos are now ready. This talk will focus exclusively on v3 and a bit of Java EE 6 (just can’t do justice to it in the little time that I have). I had initially listed 7 demos but quickly found out that this would be way too much to cram into the 1-hour slot, so there’s only going to be 5 fairly short demos (tooling, Java EE 6, packaging, OSGi, and RESTful admin). Let’s hope they all go well ;)

Since this is partly new material and certainly has some new demos I wanted to test-run this in terms of timing and sequencing of demos. So I presented this yesterday at work to several colleagues and it’s amazing how much you learn by presenting it just once. Ideally I would dry-run every presentation but it needs to feel a little real with somebody listening or else I just don’t get into it. Anyhow, I’ll be using a shorter version for the conference but the slides I’ll post will have more details.

Session details:

“GlassFish v3 – The future of app servers and Java EE is here… well almost”

• Sep 9th, 14:15 – 15:15

• Room: Sal 3

As always, the agenda is diverse (with some usual suspects) and there’s is a number of sessions that I’ll try to attend (conflicts preventing) – EJB 3.1, Google App Engine, Ioke (Ola Bini’s new language), JSR 330/Guice (that one is in parallel with my session unfortunately), developing for the cloud, class-loaders, hudson (Kohsuke will be there, I’m sure that his session will be packed and that there will be people talking to him hours after he’s done ;) , debugging your production (btrace, …), and more. But if the organisers still have those headphones in the main room with sessions showing in parallel on 6-7 screens I might do the usual zapping (not very nice to speaker I must admit).

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