New screencast – Django setup for GlassFish v3

In this new short (4-min) screencast, I’m mostly following Vivek’s instructions on how to setup GlassFish v3 for Django deployments. I’m using a recent promoted build and getting the jython distro straight using the GlassFish updatetool.

Everything is pretty much straightforward, but making it part of the default GlassFish v3 distribution (it’s currently an optional add-on) would make it as simple as install/deploy.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

2 thoughts on “New screencast – Django setup for GlassFish v3”

  1. Great to see that Alexis, as Django is a very capable framework too! This kind of demo clearly shows how versatile and powerful GFv3 is going to be. It’s not \*just\* a Java EE server :-)
    Any hint on performance compared to running such application on CPython?
    This a bit out of topic, but the Jython crew should probably be more vocal about what they do, especially compared to JRuby or Groovy. They seem to have a very decent Python implementation, but we rarely hear from them…

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