Updating GlassFish v3 Preview to a more recent promoted build

GlassFish v3 Preview is build #47(d) and came out right before JavaOne (May 2009). On the way to v3 final, the team is releasing promoted builds every week. We’re now down to build 60, so you can imagine how much has changed and what you’re missing out on if you’re still on build 47. of course you can download the promoted build and re-install GlassFish, but this entry is all about using the IPS package management tools that ship with GlassFish v3 (in the top-level glassfish bin/ directory) to upgrade an existing install.

If you don’t mind living on the bleeding edge (promoted builds are less stable than the “Preview” release by definition) you can change your default authority (IPS repository) from a stable.glassfish.org one (whose content hasn’t changed since May) to a dev.glassfish.org authority which hosts promoted builds :

% pkg set-authority --enable -P -O http://pkg.glassfish.org/v3/dev dev.glassfish.org

This defines a new authority as the preferred (-P) source for GlassFish packages.

Optionally you can also disable the stable authority :

% pkg set-authority --disable stable.glassfish.org.

In any case, updating to the latest promoted build is a simple as issuing this command (or using the updatetool UI) :

% pkg image-update

If you were to set stable.glassfish.org back to being the preferred repository, that would not roll you back to build 47d (v3 Preview) but it would stop offering you to update every week to the newly promoted build. Finally, note that you cannot disable a preferred authority and that to list all authorities, including those that are disabled, you’ll need to use the "pkg -a publisher" command.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

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