While away, starting with the hot-off-the-press part –

• Small (and welcome) Java EE 6 delay to accomodate JSR299/JSR330 (and to include both in the platform). Expect GlassFish v3 to shift as well.

OpenDS 2.0 released – full Java LDAP server now ready for prime-time.

Web Stack 1.5 released. More than an optimized and integrated (L)AMP stack it also buys you support for Hudson and uses IPS (like GlassFish v3) for fully relocatable installs.

NetBeans 6.7.1 shipped. Now with JavaFX and lots of bug fixes (including some related to Maven support). You can simply update an existing 6.7 install. 6.8 will have Java EE 6 support and recent GlassFish v3 as the default (Milestone 1 is just out).

JRuby guys moving to EngineYard (and confirming the GlassFish praises).

GlassFish v2.1 patch 3, for paying customers.

NetNewsWire now has web version via Google Reader

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