GlassFish at the Jazoon Conference

The GlassFish Day at Jazoon was really well attended (significantly more than last year) and is now over, so the rest of the conference can now start. This is a good time to go thru the list of GlassFish-related talks at the conference, so here it goes:

James Gosling’s Keynote
Roberto on Java EE 6
Jérôme and Ludo on GlassFish v3
Java EE 6 BOF
Hudson talk
Ed’s JSF 2.0 presentation
Harold on Metro Web Services
Ludo again, this time on JavaFX+GlassFish v3
Ed on JavaFX+JavaEE

Slides for the GlassFish Day are being posted here.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.