GlassFish v3 a la carte screencast – Part 3 – Jersey and EJBs

In the first screencast, I installed a minimal GlassFish v3 from a small bootstrap (IPS toolkit), created a domain and started the server. The second entry did something actually useful with GlassFish and two containers: Java Web and Spring. In this screencast, I layer a custom distribution on top of a GlassFish kernel. Enough to deploy a JAXR-RS / EJB 3.1 (lite) application.

For the sake of brevity this screencast is mostly command-line. It starts with the 5MB ips bootstrap and installs a pre-defined custom distribution which is enough to deploy the jersey-ejb sample application. The custom distribution is essentially an IPS package with no artifact, only a set of dependencies on other packages. For the curious out there, here is the step-by-step for the screencast :

% bin/pkg set-publisher -P --enable -O
% bin/pkg set-publisher --enable -O http://localhost:10001 localRepo
% bin/pkg install sample-distro
% bin/asadmin create-domain --instanceport 8080 --adminport 4848 mydomain
% bin/asadmin start-domain
% bin/asadmin deploy ~/jersey/jersey/samples/jersey-ejb/target/jersey-ejb.war
% open http://localhost:8080/jersey-ejb/

I hope this series of screencasts demystifies the IPS/packaging side of GlassFish and shows the interesting possibilities it offers to end-users.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

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