GlassFish at Lyon JUG

JUG’s in France have been popping up here and there at an amazing rate in the past 18 months since Antonio and the team have started the Paris JUG. I think we’re somewhere in the 12 JUGs or so. For a country that didn’t have any really active one only 2 years ago that’s just amazing.

I was down in Lyon earlier this week for a JUG meeting (this was only their third meeting) on Groovy and GlassFish where over 60 people showed up. Come to think of it, when adding up all the JUGs, I think we average about 1000 attendees very months, that’s the equivalent of a pretty decent conference. The feedback I’ve received was pretty good. I did a demo-heavy presentation focused on GlassFish v3 (most importantly the modularity and extensibility) and the 30-minute Q&A session took me to demo v2 (Enterprise Manager), explain the pricing model and monetization strategy, discuss more generally the Java EE and app server statuses, and deflect the best I could some Oracle-related questions…

My slides are here and you can read some notes on the event here (in French).

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

One thought on “GlassFish at Lyon JUG”

  1. Merci de ta visite Alexis, c’était vraiment très très intéressant.
    Et effectivement, pour les questions relatives à Oracle, on a vu que tu faisais de ton mieux :)
    En espérant te revoir très vite.

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