GlassFish Prague Workshop – Done!

This 2-day GlassFish workshop in beautiful Prague is now over and a good chunk of the slides are now available from the event wiki.

With 50 people in the room we had a full house with people from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, France, Spain, Slovakia, UK, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, etc… I believe the content (thanks to all the presenters) and the format were good and I certainly enjoyed the great conversations during and after the presentations. The welcome reception at the end of the first day was certainly a nice moment (check out the photo of the 2 self-cooling kegs of beer, 20 liters/5+ gallons each!).

What made the event interesting also to me was the mix of Sun employees (product engineers, pre-sales, consultants, support engineers, even sales reps), but also partners and customers. We certainly tried to be open about many things, from the way we build the software and the community to the way to how we do business (not sharing any customer information without their consent of course). Also the refreshing part of this workshop was that actually very little time was spent talking about Oracle ;)

We will be running a similar event in Zurich during the first day of Jazoon (free event as well, only one-day long and probably no hands-on-lab). Details and registration here: GlassFish Day, June 22nd. Zurich.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

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