7 thoughts on “Grails 1.1 for GlassFish v2 (via the UC)”

  1. There are certain issues that is stopping Grails 1.1 from appearing on v3 update center, mainly embedded API for v3 and some other bugs. It is being worked on and I hope in next 3-4 weeks we should have up something on v3 update center.

  2. ‘grails shared-war’ was never there as part of glassfish v2 update center. There was some any based task to do it but was really fragile and is taken out. With grails 1.1 asadmin deploy –libraries’ option has certain issue loading hibernate classes. Not sure if something changed in grails – specially they no more provide hibernate jar as part of grails 1.1 distro. Rather it is installed in your home directory for example. This is one of the issue which is delaying grails 1.1 on v3.
    You can try building ‘grails war –nojars’ which is equivalent to shared-war. Then place the grails dependencies in glassfish/lib to make it work. Not nice but would do it.

  3. I’ve been trying to use Grails 1.1 with Glassfish 2. If I use the –nojars option when building the war, what is necessary on the Glassfish side to deploy? Can all Grails jars be excluded? Do I need to deploy with the –libraries option? When I ran the updatetool, I see Grails installed in this dir: /opt/glassfish/grails-1_1
    Are these jars available to Grails?

  4. Michael: GlassFish v2.1 Grails bundle has no support for shared-war command where you can provide –libraries option to point to a jar file referencing al the dependencies. We provided this option only with GlassFish v3 grails bundle. Just like shred-war, Grails 1.1 has a new –nojars option with WAR command and it packages none of the grails dependencies. But it no longer works with Grails 1.1. There are some classloading issues (due to the fact that hibernate jars are installed as plugins vs being part of distro in grail1.0.4). Hopefully we will have it fixed in the next version.

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