Future talks – Athens and Paris

I’ll be participating in the next “Valentine’s day” (!) Athens’ JUG event, this coming Saturday, February 14th.

This will be the first time I present on “Migrating J2EE/JavaEE applications” (to new containers). The goal of the presentation is to understand whether J2EE/JavaEE buys you vendor-independence or not and what the typical pitfalls are.

This is based on the team’s recent experiences helping customers migrate to GlassFish off of WebLogic, WebSphere, and others. While examples are taken from migration use-cases to the GlassFish application server, they are all real-life scenarios and provide technical details that most people will face when moving from on vendor product to another.

As a reminder, I’m also participating in tomorrow’s Sun University Day in Paris and will also present on GlassFish and Java EE at this evening event with our training partner Demos.

Now back to writing and polishing the slides!

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

3 thoughts on “Future talks – Athens and Paris”

  1. We were happy to see you in Athens. Your contribution was really useful, as we do have a similar challenge in my company right now: Migrating from OC4J to an open source solution. As a fan of GlassFish, I’m looking forward to experiment with the migration tool. Merci bien! Nicolas

  2. Thanks for attending Nikos!
    I’m afraid migrate2glassfish does not know how to deal with oc4j-specific deployment descriptors. I hope the verifier catches most of the issues. Please report on how it went!

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