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With mail, phone, blogs, twiter, skype, and IRC alone there are many way to communicate online. I’ll admit being a heavy Skype user but mostly for its chatting aspect (my unlimited SIP account does the rest – hours of concalls every week). One thing that I’ve been using recently is group chats.

Skype group chats (not public, but with a selected set of participants) feel a lot like IRC to me, expect it doesn’t have a server (one person at least must be connected). I think I like it mostly – history is integrated, topic can be changed, and moving to private messages is easy. Of course you need to change the notification settings given how much more traffic you may get. I stopped using IRC a while back and even with today’s nifty IRC clients, it’s just one too many application running on my desktop. As proprietary as Skype can be, it does the job for me.

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  1. Yes this is what we’re all using at XWiki to communicate too. I only wish the public group chat feature was available on linux so that we can replace our IRC channel with a skype public group chat to test it.
    That said I wonder if the "forget" feature (you don’t get to see the messages that were sent when you were offline – at least not easily, you need a logger bot and then go to some archive site) of IRC isn’t a good thing… Otherwise people will expect that you see all their messages and may not understand as easily if you choose not to answer them ;)

  2. Hi Greg! No, I went to the MacOS dark side with OpenSolaris via virtualbox (that way I’m sure hibernate is not an issue :)
    But I have used brandz in the past specifically for Skype.

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