Two JUG events in two days

I presented on Tuesday at the Paris JUG. As previously reported by JBoss’ Sacha, this JUG is really doing well – great attendance (200+ every single month), very fine question during and after the the talks, and several people reporting in details what they heard and learned in various blogs (this one for instance). Luckily the beamer Gods were with us and almost all demos worked. Antonio Goncalves (JUG leader, book author, and JSR EG member) presented on Java EE 6 before I took the stage with a GlassFish v3 Prelude presentation. The combination of compile-on-save, deploy-on-change and session preservation across redeployments was what most people liked it seems. From the questions and comments I think more people realize that in those difficult times, the Open Source application server alternatives are very real and that GlassFish has a lot of thinks going for it.

On the next day I was at the inaugural Riviera JUG meeting. Not as crowded as the Paris event but some very good discussions. The Lunatech Research guys (organizing the event and the JUG) are clearly very JBoss-friendly but I think I got them pretty excited about GlassFish (the question during diner was along the lines of “should we switch to GlassFish?”). There were several technical questions asked (OSGi, session preservation, etc..) and a business one around the commercial (I wish I could share all the customer wins, some are really significant…). eXo’s Julien Viet did a nice presentation with a full section on integration between portlets and various web frameworks. With his JBoss background and connections he’s of course always an interesting guy to talk to even if I’m not sure I agree with his analysis “JBoss has a superior kernel design” assertion! :)

Time spent in JUG meetings as a speaker or as an attendee seems to be always well spent!
Slides are posted here:

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