Happy 2009! … while I was away

Wishing you all the very best for 2009 !

While I was away (as everyone else) here are the few things that caught my attention:

• My GlassFish article on JavaLobby made it into the top 10 most read of 2008. Nice. Top rated too :)

• Someone created mod_v8. Makes sense, but who cares? Performances is reported to be better vs. Rhino. Would love to see some numbers. Update: on a related note: some scripting language benchmarking numbers here.

• Messages on the French developpez.com online forum for GlassFish has now more threads than WebLogic (stats). Next up: WebSphere number of messages. The GlassFish forum started years after all others. Many people mention GlassFish in EJB, JSF, and other sub-forums.

sherod made his TwitterFX client available. Still early days, rough edges, etc… but very functional. As the author puts it: “I started on the 9th of December, not knowing JavaFX – it’s been about 1-3 hours a day through until now.”

Oh, and blogging has been down for me in 2008 (103 posts) over 2007 (140 posts). I’ll blame it partly on my twittering and partly on the other blogs I author.


Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

2 thoughts on “Happy 2009! … while I was away”

  1. Hi Alexis,
    Congrats for your Glassfish article ! :)
    By the way, are you sure you should be proud of the fact "developpez.com" has more threads about GlassFish than about WebLogic : it may mean that GlassFish users are more in trouble ?
    Just kidding :) Keep up the good work.
    And happy new year !

  2. Salut Maxence. Your WebLogic articles are pretty good too! You would make a great GlassFish writer/consultant! :)
    Yeah, the developpez.com metric has many flaws but I’m quite happy with the uptake and the #threads/#messages ratio.

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