Hibernate in GlassFish – Reloaded

This is a recurring question on the GlassFish forums and mailing lists: “How do can I use Hibernate as a JPA provider in GlassFish?”.
Mitesh has had this post on the subject up for a little while (some more here) but with the recent release of Hibernate 3.4 made it a little trickier to integrate into GlassFish (NoClassDefFoundError of ReflectionManager seems like a common pattern). Sun’s Marina Vatkina has provided an updated list of the JARs needed in the glassfish/lib directory to run Hibernate in GlassFish v2 as a comment to Mitesh’s post.

For the record, here are the JAR files required from hibernate-entitymanager-3.4.0.GA and hibernate-distribution-3.3.1.GA :

• antlr-2.7.6.jar
• commons-collections-3.1.jar
• dom4j-1.6.1.jar
• ejb3-persistence.jar
• hibernate-annotations.jar
• hibernate-commons-annotations.jar
• hibernate-entitymanager.jar
• hibernate3.jar
• javassist.jar
• jta-1.1.jar
• log4j.jar
• slf4j-api-1.5.2.jar
• slf4j-log4j12.jar
(from hibernate-entitymanager-3.4.0.GA/lib/test).


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