Ajaxian guys joining Mozilla – brain dump


• That’s two high-profile developer advocates (together with Dick Wall) leaving Google. Not that Google is any different now, but still…

• In a way Dion will keep on working on his former employer money given the Google investment in Firefox.

• Let’s see how much XUL they have to swallow to be accepted by the mozilla folks :) (hopefully this is not going to start a flamewar…)

• Also funny how air.mozilla.org uses flash (but I love the idea of such public discussions).

• All in all, a very bright move by Mozilla. Who could possibly find something wrong with more standards and more developer tools?

• Now if only they could help make the JVM become the best open source cross-platform <video> implementation, that’d be great.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

One thought on “Ajaxian guys joining Mozilla – brain dump”

  1. Hi there,
    Thanks for the thoughts :)
    In the big picture, we are going to be looking to build cross platform tools, so I don’t know how much XUL we will need to swallow ;)
    It will be a bright move if we can produce something of quality!
    We actually believe that the JVM has been totally under utilized on the client. The latest Java plugin is actually well done (kudos to Ken) and if you think of it as an extension platform, it is quite interesting.
    If you have any tooling thoughts, let us know!

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