One more appserver doing Java EE 5

So it appears WebSphere 7 has been released. Reading this list of new features, I find some interesting management stuff but wonder how many people will actually use it. It also feels kinda odd to see EJB3 examples I was using 3 years ago evangelizing Java EE 5. Still, it’s great to have another Java EE 5 product in the industry. I guess JBoss is last… Oh no, still waiting for JOnAS too :)


Author: alexismp

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One thought on “One more appserver doing Java EE 5”

  1. I’m still not clear if WAS 7 has released or not. There are a bunch of links to "the trial" version of WAS 7, and there has been no press release yet. I suspect the formal announcement will be next week. In any case, either they have already released or they are _very_ close to it. – eduard/o

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