JavaZone 2008

Just like last year, I’ll be attending and presenting at Oslo’s JavaZone conference in less than two weeks. My presentation is called “Dynamic languages and frameworks in an enterprise application server world – an approach with GlassFish v3”.

I’ll describe the reasons why one would want to run dynamic languages and associated frameworks on top of an application server and describe several approaches to implement this. I’ll illustrate this for JRuby On Rails, Groovy and more using the forthcoming GlassFish v3 Prelude release (scheduled for next month). If you’re interested in the Java side of GlassFish v3 (fast startup, dynamic loading or services, etc…), I think you’ll get something out of it too. The talk is the first one on the first day, competing with 3 Norwegian talks and Erich Gamma himself. Wish me luck!

Here’s an early list of the talks I’d like to attend (as always, I’ll attend 50% max):

• RESTful Web Services with Spring (JSR311 or not?)

• Qi4j – a new approach to old problems (never heard Rickard present)

• Project Hydrazine: JavaFX Open Cloud Computing Platform (had no time to look into this since J1)

• Quercus (the list of PHP apps it runs is very impressive)

• Taking Apache Camel for a Ride (OpenESB has a service engine for Camel)

• Spring == XML, XML == sucks therefore Spring == sucks? (will the content live up to the catchy title?)

• Real-world OpenESB, best practices and experiences (There’s always something to learn from real-world experiences)

• Scala? Ruby? Erlang? Python! (no matter how many dynamic languages we support on GlassFish v3, there’ll be more to look at)

• Zero Turnaround in Java Development

• What’s new and cool in Portlet 2.0 (Julien just left JBoss to join eXo)

• How Can Amazon EC2 Benefit from the Elastic Grid Solution? (I don’t care what Gartner says, cloud computing can be real today)

• Panel: Alternative and Emerging Languages


Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

3 thoughts on “JavaZone 2008”

  1. Hey Alexis,
    I’m pleased you’re interested in my talk on Elastic Grid and EC2.
    Which Gartner talk are you speaking of?
    I guess there all already plenty of companies already doing business on top of AWS, so I guess if Gartner said so before, they got wrong! :-)

  2. Hi Alexis, I found your speech very informative and a very good start in this event. I am happy that I decided to attend anyway, as at first I wasn’t quite sure, whether I would gather new information. I’d also like to say, that in my eyes there was no competition of speeches, but a rather supplementation.

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