SDPY – Geronimo, NetNewsWire, VirtualBox, Sailfin

Another SDPY (Same Day Previous Year)…

Geronimo 2.0 (Java EE 5) disponible (2007)

Hum, has it already been a year? Haven’t heard much (if anything) since that. At least they were not 2+ years late to the Java EE 5 party.

Perfect Blog Reader (2004)

I’m using NetNewsWire nowadays and need to figure out how usable the online/mobile version really is (last time I tried it felt really really slow on a fast connection).

Sailfin milestone 1 (2007)

One year later, Sailfin is in alpha release and JSR 289 is finally final.

VMWare player 2.0, no thank you (2007)

Needless to say that I went to VirtualBox and never looked back.

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