Community GlassFish presentations on Slideshare

I’m starting an experiment posting GlassFish-related slides on as I appreciate skimming thru slides using their web interface when I navigate through the blogosphere.

I like that it does support ODP natively (my only native file format) which lets me I simply upload a single source. Viewers can then either view the slideshow or download the source in ODP format. I’ve set the default license to be Creative Common Share-Alike.

I did hit a few “Application error (Rails)” (nginx-powered it seems, maybe time to look at GlassFish v3?), but it’s certainly an improvement over our existing not-so-up-to-date wiki presentation page. You can track GlassFish-related content using tags and add your own content.

Now if this proves to be successful the next step would be to use the Developer API to aggregate data on a GlassFish-branded property (most likely the wiki). Volunteers, please step up! I’m also curious to see how valuable are features like per-page comments, audio URL (slidecast), etc.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.