Jazoon trip report

This wiki page has the agenda and the slides for the presentations given during the GlassFish Day at the Jazoon conference earlier this week. Audio for some of the session should be released on the GlassFish Podcast in the next few weeks.

We had a nice, participating crowd throughout the day. I’d like to thank all the speakers for making their presentation different from the Jazoon one. All the talks had many good questions but I’d say Jersey, Comet/IceFaces, JavaEE, and v3 triggered the most. IceFaces’ Ted Goddard did a comprehensive Comet presentation as well as the SailFin demo with a page of all the SIP phones registered updated on the fly. Paul Sandoz had a demo-mostly session on JAX-RS/Jersey that went very well. Roberto Chinnici had a good feedback session on JavaEE. Interestingly OSGi as a developer-exposed API didn’t trigger any interest from this crowd.

In Jerome’s v3 talk, only 5 people or so had seen a GlassFish v3 demo before. Sometimes we take for granted that most people have seen the various JavaOne keynotes and associated screencasts. Overall 45-minute sessions worked well (thanks to all the speakers for making it work). We stayed on track for the entire day (9am-3pm). Oh and by the way, the conference had great Wifi (worth noting as I never had this at any conference).

Finally some interesting statistics from the participants:
• Half of the attendees were GlassFish users.
• 80% of all the attendees use Java EE 5 (the rest probably can’t).
• Top 5 features for GF (ranked): JPA, Rest (Jersey), EJB3, Metro Web Services, Clustering
• Top 3 resources to get information (ranked): Documentation, Forums & mailing lists, TechTips & Articles.


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  1. hi alexis,
    @associated screencasts
    i think the screencasts (except keynotes) where not available since a few days ago. now they are ;-)
    again i have to give you a double thumbs up for your java deus speech.
    regards chris

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