JavaDeus trip report

JavaDeus was a very nice event. Well organized, plenty of participants (450+ I hear), many topics covered, and good impromptu discussions (the catering, the beautiful weather and the live Euro quater-final on a big outdoor screen were very nice too!).

If you are wondering where the “JavaDeus” name comes from, I understand that it has to do with “Amadeus”. Oh those marketing people! ;)

Unfortunately the beamer died in the middle of my GlassFish presentation and I couldn’t demo GlassFish v3 more in details compared to the quick morning general session demo. I got a fair number of questions during and after the talk around OSGi, Seam, Grails, tomcat migration, terracotta and more.

Among other topics, JavaFX was covered (with really good looking demos, and great feedback on both Java SE 6 update 10 and JavaFX), NetBeans (Swing support, SOA, etc..) was also well represented as you would imagine. MySQL was presented in two sessions by Kay Röpke, a new MySQL/Sun colleague from Germany. SOA had also its share of presentations with one on OpenESB by Jason Baragry. His presentation was very well attended and was as always informative and interactive with lots of demos that never fail (quite a performance given how much he’s showing). See Jason’s report.

Next stops:

• Monday in Zurich for the GlassFish Day @ Jazoon.

• Friday in Brussels (De Montil) for the JavaOne afterdark.

Rencontres Mondiales Logiciel Libre on July 3rd on Mont-de-Marsan.

• Vacation!

Update: Local TV coverage of the event here.


Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.