GlassFish unconference post-mortem

The GlassFish Unconference was success I believe. Several people commented positively on the format and the interaction it enabled ([1], [2]). We had about 100 participants (more than people registering on the wiki). Thanks all for showing up and being an interactive crowd!

Clearly we also learned a few things including that with this number of people (particularly in the first round), the crowd/noise combinaison made it very hard to follow the discussion for many.

A total of 10 topics in 4×45-minute sessions with 3 parallel tracks for a total of more than 3 hours is a bit long (but then it was good exercice for JavaOne and the party was a very nice conclusion to that day).

Also, I think we (I, really) could have done a better job at introducing each topics and some key participants (but then it’s kinda nice to be able to provide feedback with no reserve whatsoever ;).

Anything else we should improve?

Unconference photos from Arun, Anil, and Paul.

Author: alexismp

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