GlassFish un-conference on May 4th 2008 (Pre-JavaOne)

I’ve sent the following to the “advocacy” alias of the GlassFish community, but thought people could also read and comment here:

Hi all,

We’re lucky to have access to a room in the Moscone Center on the Sunday before CommunityOne/JavaOne (May 4th) and would like to take this opportunity to run an un-conference with the GlassFish community.

I’d love to get your feedback on our current thinking:

– Parallel sessions with content based on the people who show up and their interest

– Sessions are discussions much more than they are formal presentations but we do need a leader for each

– My job would be to track/secure at minimum set of people able to run such sessions.

– Event starting around (no earlier than) 3pm

– Total event time would about 3 hours starting with a 30-minute agenda planning session.

– Potential topics based on early discussion and people who’ve said to be likely in town on the Sunday:

    – scaling & clustering techniques (different approaches, real-life usage)

    – making money with GlassFish, how can Sun help (partner program, co-marketing, …)

    – teaching Java EE 5 with GlassFish

    – packaging technologies (which one to use when)

    – real-life GlassFish experiences

    – dynamic languages for GlassFish v2, v3

    – GlassFish v3 architecture

    – community and GAP (how to grow the community, status on GAP)

    – performance

    – JSF, Ajax, Web 2.0 marketplace

    – [your choice here]

– The number of // tracks would depend on the number of people showing up (no point in having 2-people session).

– One-hour session should probably be the default

Some technical details/constraints :

– Room set up with a bunch of round tables

– Power and network connectivity provided

– No beamer/projector

If there’s enough interest, we could also try to have a “GlassFish porting fest” with people working/hacking on GlassFish and their application throughout the event in a dedicated part of the room

PS: I hear talks about a party at the end of that day (Sunday), but this may just be rumors ;)


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