Wrap-up of GlassFish Day in Sydney

The GlassFish Day in Sydney is now over and I believe it was a great success with very good presenters. Several people came to thank me for the overall level of the presentations.

Greg Luck from Wotif.com gave a presentation (which I’ll soon try to put out as a GlassFish Podcast) on their experience of using GlassFish in production (based on v1 but still a very interesting story).

Chris Fleischmann covered the various techniques for monitoring GlassFish (using JMX, AMX, CallFlow, and Glassbox), a topic often requested once users get closer to production. This pretty much shows how much work has gone into making GlassFish a production product. There were questions about SNMP support which should be available in one of the next releases (before v3).

Dave Whitla, yet another Wotif.com employee and apparently the person that brought GlassFish into the account (thanks Dave!), had a presentation on OpenMQ which the company uses since migrating off of ActiveMQ.

Michael Czapski gave the OpenESB talk which highlighted the basis of the upcoming Java CAPS product, showed the value of JBI, GlassFish, and how slick the NetBeans 6 tooling is for OpenESB.

My presentations (v2/v3, community, practical GlassFish) were also well received I believe. Of all the presentations, Dave’s MQ session got the most number of questions and all were pretty interactive.

All presentation slides are now available from the wiki page for the event.

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  1. ok, so that’s my biggest disappointment : recording failed for Chris’ and Dave’s talks (the 2 most interesting ones IMHO)… I have the other ones though.

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