Sun to acquire VirtualBox creator Innotek

This really sounds like a late Christmas! I am very excited about mySQL but this new VirtualBox/InnoTek acquisition is also very nice as I’ve been a happy user for a little while to run recent Solaris SXDE builds on various guest OS’s.

More on Steve Wilson’s blog.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

5 thoughts on “Sun to acquire VirtualBox creator Innotek”

  1. I wonder what’s the point about that – doesn’t Sun so far have quite a bunch of good virtualization solutions in its portfolio?

  2. Hi. I’m not privy to the medium/long term strategy, but this certainly removed the dependency on VMWare some time ago for me. As a developer using several different OSs every day, I’m glad to have found virtualbox.

  3. Solaris as a host is brand new and I haven’t used it. For a while SXDE wouldn’t install on virtualbox (now fixed in 1.5.4, but not on Mac as it is a bit behind). I have colleagues reporting successful installs of Indiana preview 2 in virtualbox on the mac…

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